About Us

Who We Are

Happy Tails Pet Rescue is a small adoption program in Massachusetts and New Hampshire run entirely by volunteers who have joined together to save unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs.

We were founded to take in animals from other rescues and shelters who were going to be euthanized as a result of behavior problems, overpopulated shelters, or financial burden. We also accept surrenders from families who can no longer care for their pets, and work with other rescues to accept animals from hoarding and closed rescue and breeding operations.

Happy Tails Pet Rescue saves animals who cannot be properly cared for.

  • We are 501c3
  • All donations and adoption fees go directly to the animals
  • We have a strict “no-kill” policy and will do everything we can to save an animal

Our Shelters

Happy Tails Pet Rescue has stand-alone shelters in Somerville, MA, and Hudson, NH.

Since shelter space is limited, the number of animals we can save at a given time depends heavily on the number of foster families we have.

If you have extra room in your home to help foster a dog or cat, please consider fostering. Every foster family enables us to save one more animal!