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Catmus Raffle

We are currently running a raffle called “12 Days of Catmus Raffle”. Each entry costs $10 but you have 12 chances to win a gift card/scratch tickets worth $50. If interested in purchasing a ticket you can either contact any one of our volunteers, send us an email ( or stop by PetSmart in Everett, MA, Chelmsford MA or Plaistow, NH this weekend (11/10 – 11/11). Thank you in advance for your help supporting our mission to save the kitty’s.

Spitfire needs your help

This little baby, who’s only 8 weeks old, needs a blood transfusion to live!   This is not a cheap procedure, $1,886 or more is the estimate we received.  It’s tears my heart apart when we have to make decisions, like do we let her live or die, based on money!  Fortunately we had just enough and She is at the hospital now getting the care she needs, but it drained our bank account!

We are a small Rescue and we try to do the best we can for the animals in our care.  She deserved to live!   Please help us raise the money to cover her costs so we can help others like her who may need it.!!  Any amount will help.  If you can’t give please share!  Thank you so much for helping us save lives!!






Pet Rock Festival

We will have a table set up at the Pet Rock Festival.  Come down and visit.  Discount coupons for admission can be found on the link:



More pet friendly housing



Pet friendly housing

PadMapper has over half a million active pet-friendly apartments for rent across the U.S. and Canada. Here are our specific listings in Somerville:

Help us renovate

Were you cold this winter??  Our Kitty’s were!!

Are you hot this summer??  Our Kitty’s are!!

The HVAC system at our Hudson NH location is woefully insufficient for the shelter and our kitty’s are suffering.  Please help us help them and donate today!